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Lydia Cole

RE: Discussion – Week 8

According to Casey and Egan, a professional portfolio should be more than just a resume or curriculum vitae. A professional portfolio should be a collection of documents that provides evidence of how an individual has developed personally and professionally. Providing a portfolio to future employers or workplaces contributes to one’s professional development goals by showcasing an individual’s accomplishments and achievements (2010).

One strategy a student may integrate academic activities and accomplishments into one’s professional goals is by sharing clinical experiences (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). For example, when I begin my field experience requirements for the FNP pathway, I can include the facility where I shadowed for PRAC 6552 Advanced Nurse Practice in Reproductive Health Care Practicum. I can include that this practicum requires 160 hours at the site of choice and a requirement to see 100 GYN patients and 25 OB patients. I can also include that I am required to perform internal vaginal exams and breast exams during this practicum. I can also include any electronic documentation systems I used at this field site (Hannans & Olivo, 2017).

Another strategy a student can include in one’s professional development plan is an expressed interest to join and actively participate in a professional organization. Professional organizations bring nurses together and allow nurses to use their voices to create change and serve the profession’s community (Walden University LLC., 2018). For example, I recently joined the Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners organization as a student. From this membership, I can be kept up to date on any regulation/policy changes to the nursing field, any upcoming job opportunities, etc.

Sharing one’s clinical experiences in a professional development plan contributes to Walden’s emphasis on social change by supporting the development of knowledgeable scholar-practitioners (Walden University, 2022). Walden’s academic requirements contribute to a student’s professional and educational advancement by using comprehensive, constructive academic programs such as the FNP specialization. Joining a professional nursing organization also contributes to Walden’s emphasis on social change by applying one’s ideas and voice to improve human and social conditions (Walden University, 2022).

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