Concept Comparison and Analysis across Nursing Theories


A number of nursing scholars significantly contributed to the growth of the nursing practice. They used their academic knowledge and professional experience to design incredible models, which are currently used for educational purposes.

The theories have been adopted by several institutions, which include learning institutions, research centers and health centers. It is noted that, some of these nursing models share some common concept, which can be significant for studying purposes (Ho, Ying & Chau, 2010).

Select a core concept that is common to two or more contemporary nursing theories

In as much as nursing theories are dissimilar in ideologies, there are a number of concepts, which are similar between and among them.

There are some conceptual similarity between Orem’s theory and Watson’s theory; both models were designed based on four primary terminologies i.e. surrounding, health, nursing, and human (Nursing theories, 2010). In other words, both the theorists used metaparadigm approach in designing their model.

Compare and analyze the concept definitions among selected theories

Orem defined surrounding by combining certain elements i.e. chemicals, materials, organic and finally socioeconomics. Her definition was undoubtedly a summary of the elements that form the environment.

She defined human as a self-care agent or a patient; she understood human as persons who need nursing care i.e. the unhealthy persons. Orem also defined health as the massive help especially to the aged persons way people function i.e. with regard to physiology and psychophysiology. She explained nursing as a purposeful act of assisting patients to achieve an exceptional health condition.

On the other hand, Watson defined surrounding as the existing culture of caring for individuals. As noted, this definition is undoubtedly different from Orem’s thoughts about environment. She defined an individual as a treasured person, and thus requires special care, excellent appreciation, respect, and adequate support whenever needed.

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