Contraceptives Table

Contraceptives Table


Type of Contraception How does it work? Side effects, risks, or contraindications Benefits Notes
Hormonal: Estrogen and Progesterone

1.) Combination Oral Contraceptive (pills)


2.) Transdermal Patch


3.) Vaginal Ring

(NuvaRing) disposable

(Annovera) re-usable

Hormonal: Progesterone only:

1.) Progestin only oral contraceptive pill (Mini-pill)


2.) Injection (Depo- Provera)



3.) Implant (Nexplanon)


4.) Progesterone IUD (Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena



















































Emergency Contraception:

1.) Plan B



2.) Copper IUD (ParaGard)



1.) Condom: (male and female)



2.) Diaphragm



3.) Cervical Cap



4.) Sponge




























Behavioral: Fertility Awareness-Based Methods: 1.) Cervical mucous ovulation method


2.) Basal body temperature



3.) Symptothermal:


4,) Standard days


























































Permanent Sterilization: 1.) tubal ligation

2.) transcervical

3.) vasectomy







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