Discuss The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow

Discuss The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow

Digitizing processes are the most common changes and enhancement trend within companies around the world. Most Healthcare industry corporations have been working on digitizing their operational workflow during the last decade. Internet, technology and globalization has allowed for companies to observe, learn and change their current processes as they procure to become more productive and efficient with this new option of operational management. The objective of RGM Healthcare is to enhance their hiring process, by changing from paper-based application to a digital-based system, that will track all applicant status and corresponding documentation through a platform system called DouSing. With that said, many companies at many industries have converted to a digital process, receiving benefits such as reducing time and money. For instance, Figure 1 represents the delta of the difference between paper-based and digital-base hiring process, or the benefit of transitioning to a digital system. The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow Essay Paper

Reducing the cost and time of talent acquisition, benefits companies in many ways. For example, quicker backfill of personnel allowing the company to recover slack and get up-to speed faster than the old traditional paper-based process. Also, it provides more tools and time for the recruiter to spend more time on more valuable activities. Therefore, instead of using so much time on paperwork and forms, it allows recruiters to utilize the time on activities that are more important, such as finding the right candidate with the desired qualification and set of skills. A good real life sample is Admiral Corporation, as this company changed their system from paper-based application to a digital-based system, allowing the corporation to become more productive and efficient on their hiring process, while saving time, money, and while increasing productivity. Admiral Corporation is a 2,000 employees organization, leading within their industry, executing an estimated recruiting and hiring of at least 400 employees per year. The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow Essay Paper

The main purpose of companies becoming more digital in their process is to be faster to market and having a competitive advantage. With that said, Figure 2 shows the projected income per enhancement of hiring process, from an inefficient process with a cost of $14,080 per services of two HR employees, to an efficient cost of $11,264 for the service of the same two HR employees, taking into consideration the efficiencies of 20% savings for digitalization of hiring process. Also, increase of their efficiency and productivity by streamline their process and recruiting not just people, but the right skilled and quality personnel. Additionally, according to Manager of Admiral Corporation, companies that become digital received better visibility and exposure to applicants, increasing 20% of candidates compared to the old paper-base method. If a company receives an additional 20% of candidates, and per the enhancement of their hiring process can be more effective and complete, then the on boarding process is faster per support of platforms such as DouSing. This impacts the growth and performance of the entire organization, making the digitizing process investment worth it. The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow Essay Paper


In addition, RGM Healthcare has developed an integrated schedule with a built-in efficiency in tasks, due to the digitalization of hiring process. Schedule includes every single task with outline number per the PMP Book, duration of each task with start and finish, predecessor and successor along with the resource executing the task. Last but not least, the schedule includes a column where percent complete per task can be updated as necessary. In addition to the schedule, RGM Healthcare has also provided a detailed GANTT Chart of their schedule, representing the time per task and where it falls from a time standpoint. With the GANTT Chart visual object, schedule provide a better visibility on what task are connected, and project a critical path in case one exist. Schedule and GANTT charts are great tools that can be utilized during meetings or presentations, to represent the benefit of gaining efficiency from a time standpoint, after digitalizing the hiring process. The cost of not going paperless or digital continues to increase, in fact, the more companies take to digitize their processes, the more money and time they lose. As technology progresses, companies are really incentivized to digitalize all their processes, as they obtain a cost-saving by having employees working more efficient and effectively. Also, not having a required member at a fulltime position, can contribute to lower the overall performance of the department which could be reason to lose customers or deliverables. According to doctor J. Davis, companies that transition from paper or documents, into a digital form of processes, employees obtain at least a 20% increase of efficiency, translating to companies paying for more valuable work.The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow Essay Paper

RGM Healthcare has put in place a time-phased budget, with the intention of HR personnel to administer and use taking in consideration the cost-savings and enhancements of the process improvements and digitalization of hiring process. Lastly, according to Figure 1 to 5, RGM Healthcare has made significant cost and recruiting lead time improvements, by taking the decision of going to a new digital processes from an old paper-based hiring process. The Benefits Of Digitized-Based Workflow Essay Paper

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