Discuss the effects of Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community .

Discuss the effects of Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community .

Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper


Discrimination against the LGBTQ or the lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender community is presently on the world stage. Substantial gain has been conducted on the approval of this community. However, there is still a thirty percent increase in bias and discriminatory behavior towards the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community is ten times more likely to encounter discrimination grounded in their sexual orientation compared to the homosexual community. They receive mistreatment in different forms ranging from verbal insults, good jokes and unfair treatment in most large cases such as physical violence. This paper addresses the discriminatory behavior on the LGBTQ community and the effects of this treatment on the LGBTQ individuals.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper


Background Information

Over the past ten years, the country has made extraordinary progress towards the equality of the LGBTQ community (Bry, 2017). However, up to the present day, neither most states nor federal governments have certain constitutional laws that protect these people from discrimination and prejudice. People in the LGBTQ community still experience harsh treatment and widespread discrimination (Tucker, 2018). Between ten to thirty percent of these people report losing their jobs as a result of their sexual orientation. Thirty percent of transgender people report not being hired for positions that they are qualified for just because of their sexual orientation (Evans, 2017). Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper. Information from a nationally representative study of the LGBTQ community indicates that twenty-six percent of these individuals have experienced discrimination because of their gender identity in the last decade. Furthermore, forty percent of the LGBTQ communities claim that they need support from the teachers and the educational institution to overcome the stigma they face in schools. Educational support can be better the quality of these community’s lives by protecting them from stigmatization and prejudice from the other students.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Over the past years, the LGBTQ community has made some political and lawful progress towards the betterment of issues affecting gender and discrimination. For example, through the federal law in the United States, people of the same gender have now the freedom to marry. However, the law is not expressed explicitly in some cases, and therefore this community sometimes finds itself in desperate terms. Globally, most nations are opposed to the claims and opinions of the LGBTQ community. In fact, most communities in the African continent consider the LGBTQ community acts as a taboo and disguise to the society.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Cases of institutional discrimination have also been very persistent in the recent past. Due to their transgender or even their sexual orientation, the LGBTQ people have been denied chances of employment, purchase of assets like permanent houses and even rental services. Additionally, research shows that the LGBTQ individuals are in most cases obstructed from applying for scholarships to further their education. The United States ministry of Education under Secretary Betsy DeVos has as of late found a way to retrace the roots of the office’s part in ensuring the social liberties of LGBTQ learners.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

In numerous congressional appearances, for instance, DeVos has reliably declined to state that the office will shield LGBTQ understudies from segregation. Further, the office chose this past tumble to revoke the Obama’s Title IX direction concerning transgender students. As Drazdowski and Snipes (2016) state, this move leaves transgender learners in danger and is out of the matchup with government law. In any case, the Department of Education is multiplying down on this approach and recently declared that the Office of Civil Rights would never again acknowledge objections about LGBTQ students not having the capacity to utilize a restroom that matches their sexual orientation character. Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper. While these ongoing strategy choices influence LGBTQ students, specifically, these activities joined with DeVos’ declaration; leave the feeling that the office is adopting a hands-off strategy toward implementing government social liberty laws as they relate to LGBTQ students. In 2016, out of the 489 LGBTQ people who were interviewed, 22 percent of them claimed to have faced institutional discrimination. Discriminate actions against the LGBTQ community have also been pointed out in social media. The 2016 survey also emerged with findings that 57 percent of lesbians received offensive comments in Instagram and Facebook (Schultz, 2017). Some were even threatened and alleged with disrupting the status quo in the society. They were associated with the increasing moral decay in the community.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Generally, a large global population has a negative view of the LGBTQ community. However, it is the time to realize that these people are rational human beings and should be given the right to live their transgender lives and according to the sexual orientation which they prefer. Discriminating against them is not the solution. Members of the society should learn how to live with them.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Rationale of the study

The study from this group, does not treat the women and men as the same, but actually uses measure that will assist in helping the person who identifies as transgender as being more accepted in society and their communities. Previous studies assessed transgender people as one rather than as individuals. Different associated tests were run which leaned more towards determining how the public and society as a whole viewed men and women who identified themselves as transgender. This was a research study of approximately three hundred people who were asked various questions on what they thought about transgender people. Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper. The specific tests works with assessing a person’s concept or reaction time. While results of people not accepting transgender people were expected to be high, the outcome of ninety percent was higher than they anticipated. Therefore, the results and findings of this study are relevant to my study in that they correlate the attitude of society and the discrimination against the LGBTQ community.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Unique Susceptibilities in the Public Square

Harassment, discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ community has a commonplace in the public square such as restaurants, hotels or government offices, according to the transgender survey in 2015, nearly one out of three transgender community who visit public places experienced harassment or discrimination including being treated unequally and physical violence (Morrison, 2018). In April 2016, the government signed a North Carolina law which mandated the discrimination of the transgender community and started to attack the transgender community from accessing the public facilities. The study also determined whether the transgender persons had avoided public places due to the fear of physical attack in public accommodations.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

A lot of epidemiological data on the number of suicides resulting from the discrimination against the LGBTQ community is alarming. One out of three people are most likely to discriminate against this community in the United States (Morrison, 2018). Most people today are guilty of discriminating against the LGBTQ community either intentionally or unintentionally. LGBTQ youths experience a lot of discrimination from their peers, the community, family members and even in their schools and places of work (Evans, 2017). This paper hopefully captures the attention of schools, parents, the community and the general public on their outlook on the LGBTQ individuals.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Fundamentally, this paper attempts to respond to the following questions throughout the study: What is the impact of the discrimination against the LGBTQ youths on their life? What is the role of parents in changing their attitudes towards the LGBTQ youth? What is the role of schools and public organizations in changing the issue of discrimination on the LGBTQ youth?Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Statement of the Problem

According to Evans (2017), suicide is the leading cause of deaths of the LGBTQ individuals. Gay, lesbian and transgender youths are six times more likely to attempt suicide compared to the homosexual individuals. The LGBTQ youths commit over twenty percent of the reported suicides among the youth. Similarly, lesbians and gays are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol because of the discrimination they receive from the general public. These numbers call for a strategy to reduce and ultimately avert these deaths.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Effects of Discrimination and Possible solutions

LGBTQ youths experience extreme physical and verbal harassment that can at times be unbearable for them. According to a research done by Bry (2017), these youths are destroyed on a daily basis due to the discrimination they get every single place they visit. Over thirty percent of the LBGT youths are high school dropouts because of the harassment they face in schools. The LGBTQ youths also fail tremendously because of the discrimination they receive from their teachers and the administration (Morrison, 2018). Further, they often do not participate in extracurricular activities and do not dedicate their time to the agenda of the school because they feel that school is not as safe of an environment for their gender types. As such, they continuously live with the fear of physical and other forms of assaults in schools.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

According to Bry (2017), most of the LGBTQ individuals suffer from different symptoms of depression including excessive sleep, sleeplessness, hopelessness, and loss of appetite. Most of these youths report that, despite the harassment not being directly addressed to them, they still get affected negatively. One youth in an interview mentioned that harassment and discrimination makes him feel very sad and want to die. It is not a miracle that these youths turn to alcohol and drug abuse or even more critical solutions such as suicide.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Additional findings that I have are that there have been several suicide cases reported among the LGTBQ group. This can be traced to the pressure that is presumed to be taking course against these individuals by the society. It is the reason why many result in drug abuse and other destructive activities. A further look into this issue through formal research could demystify several notions that are held by the public in regard to these issues and what they all imply. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the society falls under the guilt of discriminating against these individuals; a phenomenon that adds more pressure and averts the reality of ending the matter hence it remains unsettled in silence. Strategies are therefore needed to bring the matter on board and create a central point to define the reality of the society’s demands on the LGBTQ and their particular accusation to the society (Brettschneider, Burgess & Keating, 2017). Generally, the fight against discrimination can be won through sensitization to schools, institutions, and families.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

The emerging needs from the LGBTQ community demand the attention of all the entities of society in order to be addressed. This calls for a firm and responsible stand for every component that makes up the society. The parents have a responsibility to protect, support and offer guidance to their children and any member of their family belonging to this group. This will help them develop social stand at confidence from the most basic level hence have the moral conscience to access the higher societal acceptance. Parents can help children fight the struggles of depression, fear, discrimination, and bias.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Schools and organization have the legal role of initiating strategies that help fight against discrimination through advocacy and sensitization exercises. Raising campaigns around this topic may also avert any cases of LGBTQ discrimination. Using verbal stage has often proven to be effective for issues concerning the society. It is a weapon that can be used to evaluate the state of a situation and gauge what needs be done in order to counter any adverse problems. Handling the problem at hand requires radical steps that will involve strategies initiated in the favor of this endeavor. This could include setting international policies that define engagement with the LGBTQ communities, incorporating measures that give them preserved rights against discrimination and effecting universal prosecution for any culprits in action that undermines the rights of the LGBTQ groups (Mayo, 2014). Strong legislative measures are the solutions to these challenges.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Morrison (2018), states that discrimination against the LGBTQ in the workplace can create suppression in their growth and productivity within the organization. Discrimination has an emotional and social influence on these individuals as they remain “in the closet” to hide their fears and projections (Evans, 2017). They bear loneliness that can ultimately develop into depression and drug abuse and even death. Most LGBTQ confess that drinking to the point of passing out makes they forget the kind of torture they have to experience in school, places of work and public places. The lack of support from family, schools or the public can perhaps make them develop the feeling of hopelessness in ever living a normal and happy life.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Roles of Parents

According to Tucker (2018), fifty percent of the lesbian and gay youths report that they get rejected by their families as a result of their sexual orientation. In a survey of male teenagers identified to be lesbians, gays or bisexuals, thirty percent of these teenagers ran away from their homes because of the conflict they had with their parents and other family members over their sexual orientation (Tucker, 2018). Twenty-five percent of the lesbian youths are chased away from their homes because of their sexual orientation. In a survey of about two hundred lesbians and gays, over twenty-six percent were physically and verbally abused by their parents, and almost fifteen percent dealt with violence.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

It occurs that lack of protection, support, and guidance from the parents has a significant impact on the LGBTQ youths (Tucker, 2018). Possibly, if the parents were more supportive and responsive to their children’s fate then there could be reduced cases of depression, attempted suicide and drug abuse among the LGBTQ youths. Parents ought to embrace their children regardless of their sexual orientation (Bry, 2017). The family should be the first shoulder for the LGBTQ adolescents to lean on. The LGBTQ youths are more likely to fail when they when they do not receive the support from their parents and other family members (Morrison, 2018). The youths need the love and support of their families because they already get criticized in the outside world. As such, the parents of the LGBTQ youths should consider reflecting on the situation before they worsen the situation. One significant way of the parents supporting their LGBTQ youths is through intervening with the school to treat them with equality and just.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Families are the primary units of socialization where children and their parents develop strong maternal bonds. However, just as explained above this has not been the case for most of the LGBTQ people. Most of the children who join the LGBTQ community end up being detached from their parents (Haines et al., 2018). What follows next is hopelessness and despair. Such children grow in severe challenges since there is no one to look after them. Cases have been reported that some Organizations which adopt orphans and children in need refuse to adopt LGBTQ children. Such children now lose hope altogether, become stressed, and at its extremes, some of them commit suicide. It is, therefore, crystal clear that some parents and guardians have lost their parental norms and forgotten their responsibilities.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Public campaigns should be carried out to educate the people that they should not lose their parental skills just because their children are gays or lesbians. In addition to this, the government should form organizations to support LGBTQ children who are seriously in need of help especially in the satisfaction of the basic human wants.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Roles of Schools and Other Organizations

Teachers cannot overlook the problems faced by the LGBTQ students and choosing the best strategy to deal with these issues is of crucial concern. Governmental agencies should also play a critical role in alleviating the problem of discrimination of the LGBTQ in the workplace. Evans (2017) acknowledges the informative effect on the LGBTQ youths as a result of continuous harassment in school. The issue of discrimination and harassment against the LGBTQ community can be solved at the verbal stage before it gets serious or causes more serious issues such as harming the academic performance and the professional productivity of the LGBTQ community (Bry, 2017).Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Social pressures also contribute to a large percentage of students’ school experiences despite their gender or sexual orientation. In any case, the experience can be especially troublesome for LGBTQ students, who regularly battle to understand their personalities, need bolster from family and companions, and experience pessimistic information about LGBTQ individuals at school and in their locale (Scheer & Poteat, 2015). Due to these factors, many LGBTQ students are more probable to endure harassment and social pressure than heterosexual peers.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Administrators and teachers often fail to stop harassment or discrimination against the LGBTQ community (Morrison, 2018). As such, there should be rules and regulations in schools and working environments that protect the LGBTQ community from prejudice, discrimination and all forms of harassment. Similarly, consequences such as discipline policies and code of conducts should also be developed in both schools and employment organizations to protect these individuals from harassment.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Students should also be taught to respect their fellow LGBTQ students since they are all equal and deserve the same chance to acquire education. Interschool campaigns can also be carried out to enlighten all students that discriminating the LGBTQ community weakens one of the primary goals of education; promoting peace and national unity. Additionally, it undermines various basic human rights, including LGBT learners’ rights to instruction and education, individual security, freedom from segregation, access to data and educational information, free articulation, affiliation and privacy.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Additionally, educational planners, in collaboration with the ministry of education should include studies about the LGBTQ community in the school curriculum. It is through the curriculum that the teachers and educators decide what to teach to the students. The curriculum expresses the content of the study, instructional methodology, teaching aids and also caters for individual differences among the varied students who come from different backgrounds. As Asplund and Ordway (2018) point out, issues facing the global community can be best dealt with at the school level. Including LGBTQ studies in the curriculum will, therefore, help students grow being conversant with LGBTQ emerging issues and hence learns to respect LGBTQ choices of gender.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

Other than the school, there are other organizations in which LGBTQ individuals are discriminated. These include; hospitals, companies, youth organizations among many others. Several cases have been reported that the LGBTQ people are occasionally denied the opportunity to access health services. All citizens and immigrants should be free to seek medication without the fear of being mistreated or harassed regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

During Obama’s reign as the president of the United States, the Affordable Care Act was formed to ensure that all people access medication despite of their gender or sex stereotype. Several rulings of the court hence favored those LGBTQ people who were denied medication in times of need. Currently, the conservative forces are now giving healthcare organizations and health insurance companies to discriminate the LGBTQ community. This is a critical problem and legislation should be made to ensure that these LGBTQ members acquire similar medical attention as that of the other members of the society.

Companies have also been reported to deny LGBTQ members the chances of getting employment. As long as one has the legal documents that make him or her qualify for a job, sexual perspective should not become a hindrance to employment. A recent study on LGBTQ workforce discrimination indicates that 23 percent of the members of this community lack jobs due to discrimination by companies and other work organizations (White et al., 2017). Specifically, 11 percent of the LGBTQ respondents interviewed in China claimed to have been disqualified in employment interviews just because of such sex stereotypes. In Philippines, 12 percent of them reported to have been bullied once they were given the employment opportunity.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

LGBT players still face a daunting struggle with regards to acknowledgment and equivalent open door in sports. Consider that almost 30 percent of LGBTQ competitors report being harassed and assaulted for sex articulation while taking part in games clubs. The situation is even worse with regards to college and university sports.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

The Campus Pride LGBTQ National College Athlete Report carried out in 2012 uncovered that 39 percent of LGBTQ competitors have been harassed because of their sexual personality (Rigda, 2018). From these statistics, it is not a big surprise that most LGBTQ competitors still do not feel secure uncovering their actual characters to mentors coaches and their fellow athletes. Progressive change is hard and generally progresses moderately. That positively has been the situation for LGBTQ competitors over the recent past years.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

LGBTQ players have been and keep on being victimized or stigmatized from various perspectives. Coaches now and then request that LGBTQ competitors keep their personalities covered up or endeavor to urge the player to deal with changing their sexual orientation. A few colleagues attempt to shun LGBTQ competitors through ridiculing, gossip spreading, or urging others to stay away from contact with them (Peterson ET AL., 2017). At times, LGBTQ competitors are physically debilitated or have their property vandalized. Besides that, A few coaches do not permit LGBTQ competitors on their groups or choose to give them unjustifiable playing time. These statistics show that in most cases the LGBTQ community is discriminated. Laws should be set up in the workforce ministry to protect the LGBTQ members. Strong measures should be taken to punish those who discriminate such people. Employers should also be cautioned of practicing discriminate acts against the LGBTQ community members. Workers should even be educated to treat each other in a manner that does not account to sexual discrimination.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper


Conclusively, considering the above detailed discussion, it is true to state that, while extraordinary progress has been made, over the past ten years, for acceptance of the LGBTQ community, it is still not enough. The states and our federal government should have already placed constitutional laws into effect that protect these people from discrimination and prejudice. It is important to realize how much the public can help stop the effects of discrimination against the LGBTQ community. This can be achieved by working productively and together to protect the LGBTQ community from prejudice in many different surroundings. I believe our teachers and educational environments can make a major impact on lessening the discrimination of the LGBTQ community. One approach that can be practiced in schools and working environments could be sensitivity training for homosexual and anti-gay community. This type of training would benefit the LGBTQ youths and the school officials, as well as the administrators of different organizations. First and foremost, let’s get these rules and regulations in place to start making our world a better place. Though some rules have been put in place, some have not been fully implemented. The government and other respective stakeholders should look into these laws to ensure that they are fully implemented and the LGBTQ community does not face such discrimination anymore.Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper



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Discriminatory Behavior Toward the LGBTQ Community Essay Paper

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