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data and trend healthcare informatics integrates cognitive science information science computer science and healthcare science to manage and secure healthcare information the most common trends in the healthcare sector have been common not only in the united states but also worldwide united states academic health center ahcs has played a critical role in the healthcare sector advancing at the same pace as the advancement in technology smitherman baker wilson 2019 for instance advancement in the ahcs has enhanced technology monitoring of patients through software thus reducing the number of patients seeking direct care from physicians the advancement in education through online platforms has increased healthcare awareness where people are subscribing to various healthcare policies for the last few decades there have been changes in nursing informatics due to many patients due to the effect of the baby boomers it is critical to note that the high number of patients due to the effects of the baby boom enhances nursing informatics due to accommodating analysis of the healthcare organizations data and customers data the other trend that has led to the advancement of nursing informatics is high competition particularly in private healthcare institutions high competition has increased data breaches as healthcare firms try to outdo each other by compromising their customers healthcare data to destroy their reputation thus getting an unfair advantage ahcs should keep collaborating with healthcare professionals it experts and computer experts to develop less vulnerable software to attackers the other trend is that patients suffer multiple diseases that cannot effectively be diagnosed physically by the doctor therefore the healthcare personnel is using healthcare informatics to analyze information on the readmission rate of patients the application of healthcare informatics has increased efficiency in data storage analysis communication and data retrieval the other trend is the establishment of law enforcement agents that monitor data security and safety in healthcare for instance the healthcare insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 hipaa ensure that healthcare workers play a critical role in securing customers data hipaa can charge a healthcare facility up to one million usd to share or compromise patient data without their consent de simone 2019 the other major trend in healthcare informatics is the development of the electronic healthcare record ehr the technology can store the medical history data to ensure patients receive evidence-based interventions based on their medical history future of healthcare due to the effects of baby boomers the population of patients will continue to increase therefore the healthcare sector will be overwhelmed will cases of chronic diseases that affect the elderly above 65 years the management of chronic illness in the united states relies upon applying healthcare informatics in the next ten years more technology will enhance communications between healthcare personnel and patients across the globe therefore the healthcare personnel will focus more on preventive cures rather than the curative interventions embraced by many doctors today patients will be the ultimate consumers in the healthcare facility more healthcare insurance cover policies will be established the patients will focus more on quality services through advancements in technology healthcare workers will be able to offer direct interventions through online platforms the patients will be able to choose the physicians of their choice thus increasing the quality of care there will be software that will be compatible with various mobile softwares to ensure patients can monitor their health without the intervention of the healthcare personnel therefore the patients will be able to monitor their health and access medical services in time to monitor the advanced effects of chronic illnesses such as diabetes cancers heart complications and obesity the other future trend will be the distinctive delivery model to access information from the general population the healthcare trends from the social media platforms will be analyzed through cloud computing technology rajabion shaltooki taghikhah ghasemi badfar 2019 most of the data will be analyzed from the cloud to reduce the vulnerability of the customers data from the black hat hackers references de simone d m 2019 when is accessing medical records a hipaa breach journal of nursing regulation 103 34-36 rajabion l shaltooki a a taghikhah m ghasemi a badfar a 2019 healthcare big data processing mechanisms the role of cloud computing international journal of information management 49 271-289 smitherman jr h c baker r s wilson m r 2019 socially accountable academic health centers pursuing a quadripartite mission academic medicine 942 176-181

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