Health Information Compliance – Course Project – Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)

Health Information Compliance – Course Project – Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)

Instructions: Use the CMRS form below to identify and recommend appropriate Compliance Committee Members. Replace the detailed guidelines in the boxes below with your content.


The Regulation – the Research Law of Origin, Regulation, etc.  Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)
  Citation for above law  Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act (EMTALA). (2012, March 26). Retrieved March 8, 2016, from

Your Understanding Livewell’s

Roll-out- Compliance Plan and Committee

Explain the purpose  The law requires a facility to complete a healthcare assessment of any patient presenting themselves for emergent medical care or when a female patient arrives in active labor whether or not they are able to pay or have medical insurance. The hospital must then stabilize the patient or prepare to safely transfer them to an accepting facility.
  Who and/or what does it protect?  Patients – from being denied life-saving or necessary health treatment when they have no provision to pay.
  Who is at risk for violating it?  Emergency and immediate care facilities.
  Who will coordinate the policy and monitor it? 

-HIM Director

-Medical Staff Office/Credentialing Director

-Risk Management Officer

-Human Resources Director

-Patient Accounts Director

-Nursing Administration Director

-Quality Improvement Manager

-HIPAA Privacy Officer

-Patient Advocate Manager

Nursing Administration Director- The ED Director will have first-hand exposure to incoming patients. The ED Director is a nurse and will be responsible for onboarding and training all ED nurses. The nursing staff attends to the patients and have a reporting responsibility.


  Why should this be a part of the compliance committee/plan? Narrative in student’s own words – minimum of 4 sentences.  The facility wants to abide by EMTALA to avoid being sued by the federal government. The facility does not want to have their license to practice medicine removed by the State they exist in. The facility does not want to have a bad reputation with patients in the area. All of these things will damage future referrals and numbers of patients seeking care at the facility. Then the employees will not have jobs here.
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