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Case Written Assignment

1. Written Assignment: Ethical Position Paper (20%)

2. Written Assignment: Ethical Decision-Making Paper (10%)


Using the Assigned Case:

1. This assessment requires you to critically examine the case scenario you selected or assigned to you and examine the different attributes and practices of the role of interdisciplinary professional ethics.

2. Answer the questions found at the end of each case and you may use the guided questions in the question no.3.a.

3. Format of Paper:

a. This assignment requires you to develop a formal essay style that includes a body and conclusion. You need to use a formal introduction, body, and conclusion. Below is your guided questions.

i. knowing the evidences of the case,

ii. recognize the ethical issues,

iii. how do the various principles of ethical will apply into the arguments,

iv. present and defend when you decide your judgement which determine the ethically best option of your choice, and

v. what is your recommended course of action (Plan)

b. Your assignment should be written in APA style and prepared as follows:

i. Has a cover sheet with the Case title, Your Complete Name, Student ID Number and the name of the teacher.

ii. Use font, such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman; minimum font size 12

iii. Use the APA style referencing. All in-text references must include page numbers, which is a must. Use the link provided to learn how to cite sources: or any available site.

4. Check and compare with the Assessment Task Rubric of both Written Assignment (Ethical Position Paper and Ethical Decision-Making Paper) on how you will be graded accordingly.

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