ORIGINAL PAPER Impacting Factors Tool


Impacting Factors Tool

Instructions: Use this tool to document your assessment of the factors impacting the capstone project. Be sure to cite and reference necessary sources according to APA format, using the last page for your reference list.

Name: Maria Nwachukwu



Stakeholder Identification and Engagement Strategies to Secure Support





· Patients/ Resident

· Nurses

· Psychiatric physicians

· Dietitian

· Social workers

· Unit manager

Engagement strategies to secure support would be to:

· Collaborate with the nursing staff and explain the plan clearly on how to improve depression on newly admitted seniors at Lydia healthcare.

· Educate the stakeholders on early assessment for depression, the use of exercises and diet to eradicate depression on mental ill seniors.

This strategy will be cost effective to implement because it will eliminate high rates of suicide as well as increase census rate. I believe these strategies will be effective in getting everyone involved in the plan.



SWOT Analysis





· The primary strength is the passion and commitment of the team.

· Good communication channels between family, patient and the staffs.

· The team is composed of experts in the field of mental health, psychology, dietitian, and social work.










· A lack of awareness of the issue among key stakeholders, including mental ill seniors, their families, and the staff who support them (Vafaeinasab et al., 2022).

· A lack of resources to effectively engage all stakeholders in the issue.

· Lack of nurses and other staff to take care of mentally ill residents.



· The opportunity to raise awareness about the problem of depression in seniors with mental health issues.

· The opportunity to engage all stakeholders in the issue and secure their support for taking action to improve mental health and psychological well-being for seniors. (Chen & Xu 2020).

· Improve seniors overall wellness.

· Decrease the number of seniors with depression.

· Improve nurse and patient interaction.










· The threat of inadequate resources to effectively address the issue.

· The threat of resistance from some stakeholders to take action to improve depression in seniors with mental health.

· Inadequate equipment for exercises (Recumbent exercise bikes, Elliptical, Lat pull down machine)


Financial Implications of the Capstone Project



· Conducting outreach and education to key stakeholders

· Hiring a dietitian to provide appropriate diet for the newly admitted mentally ill seniors with depression.

· Implement social outing like going for movies , bowling and community event

· Evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies and activities that are implemented.


External Influencing Factors There are a number of external factors that could influence the success of the project. Some of the external factors that could influence the project include:

· The level of awareness of the issue among key stakeholders. -The level of engagement of all stakeholders in the issue.

· The level of resources that are available to support the project

· The availability of the chef to prepare the food according to the dietitian guideline.









Outcome statement for the capstone project


A special assessment of seniors with mental illness who are also exhibiting depressive symptoms will be done by 10% of the workforce. Conduct and observe seniors as they work out for 30 minutes, three times a week, doing things like stretching and stair climbing. Assure the elderly have an adequate diet. At the end of each shift, all shifts will record and submit their report. After eight weeks, the entire report will be assessed to determine whether we succeeded in lowering senior resident with mental illnesses’ rates of depression to 5%.


Yes, modification was needed to focus on the 20 newly admitted seniors ( average) with mental illness that are usually admitted every week at Lydia. Out of this 20 about 10 show symptoms of depression within two weeks of stay. My plan is to reduce this number to 5%.



Evaluation plan for the capstone outcome




The evaluation process will involve assembling all of the shift reports. This objective will be achieved if all of the report’s findings lower the incidence of depression below 5%.






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