Pollo case study instructions.

The case will present a series of situations and decisions that a business had to go through. This is a summary of the case:

This case illustrates the challenges that Pollo Campero, a Guatemalan fast-food company, faces when expanding in the US market. The case illustrates that Pollo Campero was initially very successful in the US market because it appealed to consumers of Central American origin. It found it harder to appeal to a broader range of US consumers, who had no emotional attachment to the brand.

Your job as a team is to create a compelling presentation that conveys the story that Pollo Campero went through. In order to do that please try to research everything that you can find about the company. If you find interesting videos, you can include them in your presentation. Please go through the company website and understand the company as much as you can.

The business case touches issues on consumer segmentation, competitive strategy and the internationalization of emerging market multinationals. All of these topics should be viewed from an entrepreneurial perspective because opening operations in a foreign country is an entrepreneurial activity similar to opening a new business.

After explaining what the company went through, please open a discussion with your peers (students attending the class). Getting as many students engaged in the discussion will have a positive impact in your grades. The discussion should be around best possible solutions to the topics presented in the business case.

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