Poverty in America: Issue Analysis

The stability of the country can be achieved when it is developed in various spheres of life. In this respect, it is necessary to admit that the level of poverty is evaluated in different countries in terms of how the state power provides reforms in social, educational, economic, or political domains of peoples’ lives. This is why a lack of a strong and rational approach toward all sides of the issue is appropriate in the developed countries. The United States with its strong position in the world arena is not an exclusion and seems to be weak in making its citizens supplied and supported with everything necessary for life. The paper is intended to work out the problem of poverty existing in the US so that to analyze the factors which contribute to the issue of such negative characteristics in social life. The analysis deals with such sides as economic, governmental, and religious features. Furthermore, the flow of the thought development touches upon possible suggestions in order to diminish the rates of poverty in the so-called wealthy and influential countries of the world.

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