Quantitative Nursing Education Research Article

This article is based on a study of how methodology quality and scientific activity affect the quality of nursing in educational research. It is a challenge to nursing as a professional community. This is owing to the fact that the nurses have the responsibility of improving the level of the professional nursing standards and the effectiveness of the governing council of the nurses’ community. It is a major study and the nurses need to be informed about some of the policies and activities of research in their profession (Barbara, Carolyn, Tish, Susan, & Eva, 2011).

The article has references to show the source of some of the information used. This is the evidence that the writer had to research the article in order to give up-to-date and precise information. In this context, the article has to be peer-reviewed to ensure that it passes the intended information to the intended personnel. Some of the writers of this journal are holders of a degree in nursing; this is evidence that this is a peer-reviewed article.

On the other hand, we look at the aim of the writers in writing the article; they wanted to inform the readers and not to make money. Lastly, the nursing professional rules must be adhered to. This will guarantee that there is a quality of communication in nursing to avoid compromising on the quality of the profession (Barbara, Carolyn, et al., 2011).

According to the nature of the research, the research question used could have been: How is the research methodology and the nature of scientific activity affect educational research in nursing as a profession in the USA? This research question gives the researcher direction in his work; this is necessary to both the reader and the researcher. Furthermore, it brings out the specific area and topic for which the research activity is to be done; it brings out the need of the specific research to be carried out.

The hypothesis of the statement could have been as follows: if good methodological quality and scientific policies are used to perfect the level of quantitative nursing educational research, then better nurses may be trained. In this case, the good quality of trained nurses is the dependent variable, while the methodology quality and scientific policies are the independent variable. The independent variable is measured and used to determine the data on the independent variable, which is, in turn, used in calculation of the dependent variable during data analysis (Barbara, Carolyn et al., 2011).

The theoretical framework of the research was based on a level of quality and efficiency of the trained nurses. This was supported by the quality and efficiency of the nurses in their work as their work was not up to the expected standards. The theoretical framework enables the reader to be acquainted with, and describes the theories and elucidates why the research problem under study subsists. This gives a step to step analysis of the whole process (Barbara,Carolyn et al., 2011).

This is a qualitative research study considering the fact that the article was used to give an explanation on the effect of the methods used in educating nurses while carrying out research, the quality and the scientific impact to the research activities in nursing. On the other hand, the article gives a lot of information as compared to a long article that gives so little information on the subject matter. The article is based on facts.

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