The Importance of Teaching in Nursing


Nursing can be considered as one of the most important parts of medicine since the representatives of this profession are closely connected with both patients and doctors. The lack of nurses is now a vast problem globally, and enough knowledge to teach others is one of the key strengths. Many new technologies and methodologies are introduced into our world, and continuous learning is an integral part of maintaining the professional level of every nurse.


The main aspects nurses can teach their patients are self-care rules, recognition of first warning signs, first aid. Plunging into first aid training, SMART objectives can be highlighted. Firstly, by providing patients with first aid courses, the number of favorable medical outcomes will increase, and that is the main topic that should be discussed. In situations where healthcare workers are not available, trained people can save many lives. This training should take an interactive form with PowerPoint presentations and small seminars where everyone can freely ask questions. Secondly, training should be accessible to everyone, so not only patients at the hospital can receive enough knowledge, but also external companies where managers care about their employees and want them to extend their minds. Thirdly, to make first aid teaching achievable, it is important to understand how helpful training is to society. According to Younas (2017), communication with patients always leads to considerable interest in first aid tips. Consequently, the relevance of the training might not lose its benefit and uniqueness, and the value of nurses’ knowledge will also remain at a high level. To follow all parts of SMART objectives, times-bounds should be set. First aid training does not require long lectures, and 2 hours per course will help make the final goal achievable. By the end of this course, people will receive their certificates, and the world will become safer for the population.


By the end of the teaching process, patients will be able to understand what difficult work nurses do. Moreover, patients will be able to become a part of the nursing process and be able to provide medical assistance in dangerous situations. Highly qualified nurses bring many benefits to our society, and it becomes more developed in relation to medicine.


Younas, A. (2017). The nursing process and patient teaching.Β Nursing made Incredibly Easy! 15(6), pp. 13-16.

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