The Issue Of High Prevalence Of NCDs Essay

The Issue Of High Prevalence Of NCDs Essay

According to Magnusson (2010), NCDs contribute heavily on the global burden of death and the frightening part is that the world does not have a response attack on NCDs. Due to population growth, death by NCDs has increased by over 17% and contributes to around 65-70% of global deaths. Diseases such as cardiovascular diseases are the major causes of death in the world. The UN through the WHO came up with an action plan to help deduced the mortality of human life due to non-communicable disease by studying the demographical pattern to which it covers so as to reach better health standards. The plan offers a paradigm shift by using a road path of making sure all state heads collaborate with international effort to reduce the prevalence of NCDs. This can only be achieved by creating awareness of the common factors that are linked to premature deaths such as tobacco smoking, an unhealthy diet, not exercising and abuse of alcohol. The WHO secretariat also implements the “best buy” plan which brings an intervention including overarching policy actions to increase on cost-effectiveness.The Issue Of High Prevalence Of NCDs Essay

In the video, it is suggested that the fast food companies have had a lot of say in the food industry. That they are imbedded and do a lot of lobbying against bills that would lead to higher taxation of sugar-sweetened industries. Public health advocates in the video give an educated opinion that the sugar companies are not to blame but those whose companies that add sweeteners to drinks, in Australia, the lobbyist have even used high government offices such as the deputy president’s office to stop high taxations of sugar companies.


As the WHO (2017) has come up with strategic plans to reduces the high prevalence of NCDs, they are mostly theoretical as it is known that the rarely to state heads agree on anything if it has little or no political gain. The process to even initiate negotiating is quite hectic and may bring a zero-sum game outcome. The action plan also proposed by for 2013-2020 has not been effective as anticipated. The projects were quite commendable but due to underlying factors as hidden interest by pharmaceuticals company has made it hard to accomplish its goals. The Issue Of High Prevalence Of NCDs Essay. In the article of NCDs, the WHO offers other preventive measures such as “best buys”. The abuse of alcohol and cigarettes which have been linked to premature deaths associated with NCDs can be managed by increasing taxation to limit those with lower income ranges and increase the production cost. The creation of awareness can change the ‘beginners’ as by giving them the magnitude of the problem, it will shake up their minds. Though mostly alcohol and cigarettes have proven to be inelastic to price changes, the consumer in lower income level with either cut down on their intake or stop completely. When national and international efforts are combined with an agenda to strengthen the public health sector, the NCDs will reduce subsequently and with more finances given to the research centers, more can be done to reduces their burden of mortality globally. The Issue Of High Prevalence Of NCDs Essay

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