What are The Individual Sources Of Stress

What are The Individual Sources Of Stress

Friends, school, interests, hobbies, family, church, community – all these elements plus more are crucial in life satisfaction. Dangerously damaging stress often occurs when we let something in our personal lives, like school, friends, work, or family get blown out of proportion. Stress can arise from everywhere around us, whether its new lifestyle changes, common frustrations or even ongoing stressful events. It can be destructive to one’s health and wellbeing. Risk factors and or an unhealthy lifestyle often build and get worse because of stressors, hence taking effect on the human body and the mental cognition of a person. It is so powerful, stress can cause detrimental damage to one’s mental and physical health. The Individual Sources Of Stress Essay Paper

Max has a stressful job and is a major factor that adds stress to his life, hence it leads to an array of behavioral risk factors. With Max’s job come a lot of sacrifices, one being that he works irregular hours that vary from week to week. Research has suggested that people are less stressed when they have a sense of control throughout their daily lives. Max’s job restricts him from making decisions, which can cause stress in his day to day life. When a person lacks control it has been found that it affects the phycological and physiological wellbeing of a person, which can result in a greater amount of stress. In this case it is Max’s job that is a major stress factor that contributes to his life which leads to a plethora of behavioral risk factors. It is very important for Max to learn how to cope with his work environment, because if he continues to lack capability in that it can cause more stress and an incline in his health. Because Max works in an environment where he in incapable of making decisions, he might thrive in a different workplace where he can effectively make decisions and choices on his own. To sum it up, Max is at risk of stress and disease because he works numerous hours while receiving low compensation at a workplace where he had little control.The Individual Sources Of Stress Essay Paper


Another risk factor for stress and disease is that he is the sole provider for his family, increasing his feeling of financial strain. Although Max wants to the provider for his wife and kids, there are certain situations out of his control that block his intent on solely being the provider. The frustration with Max began when his wife had to take him to and from work because his car broke down. Resulting from this, Max’s stress caused his to act more hostile than his usual self. Maybe the thought of him having to rely on his wife rather than him being able to do it himself caused his stress levels to rise. On his wife for financial support or even just a ride may have caused him to feel more stressed. Studies have suggested that hostile individuals tend to react more intensely to a stressor than other individuals do. Hostile people also tend to create more stress in their own lives because of their negative attitudes and behavior. Additional research has found that hostile individuals are more likely to develop heart disease than those who were not as hostile. Thus ultimately, affecting their well-being and health.The Individual Sources Of Stress Essay Paper

It is important that Max feels like he can rely on his friends and family. Factors that shield Max against stress and help him to cope is social support and frequently exercising. Those with close, supportive relations have better immune responses and better health. When Max feels comfortable around his friends and family they can allow him to express his feeling and talk about the different stressors in his life. If Max continued to exercise, he will be benefiting himself seeing how regular exercise has many benefits to one’s health. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and alters hormones, circulation, muscle tone, and a number of other aspects of physical functioning. The Individual Sources Of Stress Essay Paper

To sum it all up, different stress sources vary for each person. It can be work related, school related, and even money related, stressful conditions can happen to anyone. Although we cannot avoid the unavoidable stress, more and more people have found ways to cope and learn how to recover from reoccurring stressful episodes. However, in order for Max to recover from his stressful life style, he should begin to recognize and accept his limits. If max does not change the stressors in his life his health and wellness and even life is at risk. The Individual Sources Of Stress Essay Paper

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